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Dongbu Robotics
DongBu robotics makes consumer and educational robot kits such as Genibo, the intelligent robot dog, and Hovis the easily programmed humanoid robot.

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If you want to design your own robot, you should do it in CAD. And Solidworks has the best CAD programs out there for designing your dream robot!
Robot Marketplace
Looking for robot parts? Robot kits? Batteries? Motors? Whatever your robot needs, Robot Marketplace can meet them!
One of the best ways to start in combat robotics is with a one- or three-pound robot, and Fingertech is the specialist in small combat robots.

Bronze Medal Sponsors
If you live in India and want to learn all about robots, Technophilia is the place for you!
Robot Japan
Robot Japan is the premier league for humanoid robot shows and competitions in Japan.
Aldebaran is the maker of NAO, the premier autonomous humanoid robot with the easy programming interface.
For a wide array of beginner robot kits and remote control humanoid robots, choose Kowatec/Innovati robot kits!
If autonomous vehicles are preferred robot, Minds-i has the kits for you. Durable vehicle bodies ready for your brains.
Why settle for ordinary wheels when you can have omni wheels or mecanum wheels to make your robot far more agile.
Servo Magazine is the magazine for robot builders and enthusiasts. If you want to learn about robots, there's no better magazine than Servo!
Lagunitas is the exclusive beer supplier to RoboGames. Their fine IPA wins lots of awards, but don't forget to try their Imperial Stout!
Tech Shop
Tech Shop makes your dreams come true. Well actually, YOU make your dreams come true, but TechShop has the tools for you dreams.
Museum Of Robots
Museum of Robots creates modern housewares and home accessories designed to complement 21st century living.
Robots Dreams
Robots Dreams - an international blog all about robots!

Robotics and Computer Applications Institute of USA is an Education management company trying to revolutionize learning with use of technology in education
Choose from our selection of affordable robot kits with soldering or without soldering. We have various beginner-level robot kits as well as advanced walking robots, robotic arms, and our high-performance 3pi robot.